Well what a busy few months its been for me but well worth it after all the lovely compliments and not forgetting sales I received at the Kirstie Allsopp - The handmade Fair at Hampton court. The 3 days seemed to go by so quickly and with the help of my partner Patrick and his sister Mary we managed to sell lots of Jasuin products and raise around £150.50 for Cancer research and GOSH.

It was very tiring but well worth it so.......... I have booked for next year too!

During the 3 days I have made new friends and met some really interesting people its been such a pleasure especially as it was my first every craft fair.

Didn't get time to take many photo's but here are a...


Its been a busy couple of weeks and I'm sure its going to continue right up to the Handmade Fair in September. I am making good progress on putting together new stock for the event but have had to play a stint at being Nurse for my partner who had an operation. He is on the mend now and back to work next week........... Horrah! I shouldn't say that really but I don't get as much done when he is around.

Anyway I have a long list of all the things I want to take to the Fair and at last starting to tick some things off as done. There are new items which I will showcase at the Fair then after that I will add the new lines to my website/Etsy. I have taken some pictures so...


I have some great news to share with you all, after much thought and discussion I have decided to go for it and am pleased to sayI will be attending the Kirstie Allsopp presents Handmade Fair 16-18th September at the Green Hampton court palace.

Its all very exciting and means a lot of planning and crafting but I will be at the shopping village stand E15.

Please tell all your friends and spread the word as its an amazing event for shopping, crafting, inspiration andto lean something new. Maybe you can start you Christmas shopping and find something different and exclusive for the special people in your life.

Check out the website to see what's on and when.......... I ho...


Hello all........... actually come to think of it I could just be blogging to myself, I know I am not the best blogger in the world but not sure if anyone is reading this, lets hope you are out there and engaged in my every word (just like my other half when he is watching the telly...not!  love you Foxy!)


Well were was I oh yes been busy last week putting together the next collection which is in honour of the big EU in or out vote coming up. I thought I would go with Red, White and Blue for my collection and must stay I enjoyed putting it together more than I have with all the rubbish that has been out there regarding this vote.


My goodness such a...


I have produced a new collection based on one of my bags which is made up from fabric from several kimonos. I thought it would be nice for people to be able to buy a selection of items that coordinate. I focused on 4 key fabrics from the bag and started the collection.

Some items I had already in stock so I made a list and the collection was started. From simple things like sunglasses pouches, pocket tissue holders etc right through to my fabric jewels.  


The plan is to do a few more of these collections throughout the year so watch out for more to come!











Not a lover of changes reminds me of work when everything in the garden is rosy then management start changing things not always for the better, or you get a new car which you are pleased with but it just doesn't feel like your old one yet. Yes I am speaking from experience again!

Anyway my changes are for the good (hope you think so). I am closing the online shop on my website which sounds worse than it is but honest its not.  Over the past year I have had to split all my stock over the Jasuin website and the Etsy online shop but feel it would be much easier to have everything in one place ..... for me and you the customer. So I have moved everything to my Etsy onli...



Well despite the rough start to 2016 with being in hospital then two weeks ago my laptop decided it had enough, I can now report some good news at last. My lovely new purple laptop arrived Monday and wait for it................I now have retail space at 'Things British' shop in Greenwich.


Its only for 7 weeks as want to see how it goes first before I commit to any longer. The company rent shelf space which allows artistic and creative people to sell and showcase their creations. Its a great idea so thought I would try it out especially as its in the heart of the Greenwich market which is very popular with locals and tourists. So hopefully I can expand a little furt...


Sorry its been a while since my last blog..... gosh that sounds like a confession.  

Christmas was hectic as I seemed to leave all my personal preparations to the last minute. Then before I new it  2016 had arrived. As customary I set up the website with the usual January sale and had everything with 20% off.


If you are one of my Facebook Jasuin fans you will know that I had to have an operation in January so its meant that I have not been able to work on any new items for the website, plus tidy my work room which frankly I have not been in there since boxing day as it looks like a bomb has it it. 


Any I am now on the mend just doing a little more each day...


Not had much chance to write any blogs in the last few months as been busy sewing and creating new things for both websites. This can be quite challenging at times especially as everything is exclusive so I have to make sure I don't repeat anything, not only that I have to keep a good amount of stock for both sites..... as I said challenging!

I often wonder when I am beavering away in my craft-room, are people really going to like my creations let alone buy them, so its nice when I receive feedback from satisfied customers.


Sunday 15 November I had a Jasuin party in Whitstable in Kent and am pleased to say it was a big hit and received lots of feedback not to me...



Dare I say it ...... Christmas!


I know we are only just saying goodbye to summer and hello autumn but for me its time to get my fingers in gear and step up on the production line. Its a little late I known but July and August I didn't manage to get much done due to familly conmitments. Now I have to see what I can tantalize you with. 


My Etsy store has quite a collection now and in the next few weeks I will update my website to include some of these new items.  I am really pleased with these new additions to the Jasuin collection and I really hope you like them too.

If you have any idea's on things you would like to see in my store please let me know and...

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