Silk obi fabric from a used obi which I have unpicked/deconstructed for recycling purposes.


Obi type: Fukuro 

Colour:  Peach, gold, green, white and grey.

Condition: Very good for a used item, the lining does have some faint age spots.

Fabric: Silk and metallic thread.

Lining: Silk/cream

Design: One side is floral and ornate patterns while the back lining is plain.

Age: Unknown.

Origin: Japan.


Approx Size:

Lengths: 165 cm (Can cut the large piece to two pieces 100 cm and 65 cm if required).

Width: 31 cm
Weight: 305 g


Please read additional info section.

Any questions on this item please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Obi fabric - Fukuro Obi - Silk - Upcycle - Peach, gold, green - Used

    • Obi is the sash/belt worn around the waist of a kimono and can be 4 metre's long with widths around 30 cm. There are many different types of obi but I mainly sell Fukuro or Maru fabric unless stated otherwise.
    • Fukuro Obi are generally made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together like a very long table runner with a plain or pattern section in the middle simular to the reverse fabric.
    • Maru obi are usually one piece folded in half and sewn down one side so you get patterned fabric on both sides.
    • Unlike kimono fabric which is lightweight, obi fabric is much more firm and has a luxurious look which would be ideal for home decor projects, like cushions and table runners, also handbags.
    • With vintage or secondhand fabrics on some occasions you may find a small imperfection which is to be expected with these types of fabrics. If it was a significant imperfection I would mention it in the listing.
    • Items are not washable, please consult professional dry cleaners for advice if required or do a test sample before washing.