Kimono fabric from a used silk kimono which I have unpicked/deconstructed for recycling purposes.


Colour: Indigo, grey, green

Technique : Dyed.

Condition: Very good for a used fabric.

Fabric: Silk, crepe, light to medium weight. Has a nice drape to it.

Design: Chrysanthmums and flying cranes.

Age: Possible 1980 - 1990

Origin: Japan.


Approx size:

Lengths: 50 cm, 100 cm or 150 cm (more stock available on request).

Width: 36 cm
Weight: 30 g (50 cm piece).


Please read addtional info section.

Any questions on this item please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Kimono fabric - Upcycle - Silk - Floral - Flying cranes - Indigo, grey, green

PriceFrom £7.00