Kimono fabric from a used silk kimono which I have unpicked/deconstructed for recycling purposes.


Colour: Dark blue with kikko pattern in lighter blue. Please note the fabric is quite dark but the photo's tend to make it lighter than it is due to the reflective nature of the silk reflecting the light. Any query on the colour please contact me before purchase as I may have a sample piece I can send you.

Technique : Hand woven

Condition: Good condition for a used fabric and its age. 

Fabric: Mawati Tsumugi silk, light to medium weight with a slight stiffness/crispness.

Design: Repeating kikko pattern.

Age: Vintage.

Origin: Japan.


Approx size:

Lengths: 50 cm, 100 cm or 150 cm

Width: 36.5 cm
Weight: 30 g (50 cm x 36.5 cm piece)


Please read addtional info section.

Any questions on this item please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

Kimono fabric - Upcycle - Silk - Tsumugi - Blue

PriceFrom £5.00
    • Kimono fabric is quite narrow compared to normal fabric which is sold be the metre, this is because its made purely for kimono construction. Unlike western clothes which require lots of pattern pieces and styles, kimono are constructed much more simply and only the collar requires cutting out all other pieces are just cut to length and sewn together. Please check you are happy with the width before you purchase.
    • With vintage or secondhand fabrics on some occasions you may find a small imperfection which is to be expected with these types of fabrics. If it was a significant imperfection I would mention it in the listing.
    • Items are not washable, please consult professional dry cleaners for advice if required or do a test sample before washing.