Japanese silk obiage which is traditionally used with the Obi belt to help support the bow and hide the ties under the obi. Another use for them is as a normal scarf as they are so beautiful and silky and are ideal for any occasion and make a lovely gift for someone special.

Condition: Very good condition - Used.

Colour: Pastel shades of pink, lavender and white.

Threads: Silk.

Design:Patterned waves with floral accents.

Age: Unknown.

Origin: Japan.
Care: Dry clean.

Approx size:
: 170 cm
Width: 29 cm
Weight: 50 g

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Thank you!

Obiage - Scarf - Japanese Accessories - 170 x 29cm - Pastel pinks and lavender

  • Obiage come in different designs some with embroidery detail and some hand painted, so how you look after them can vary. I would recomend Dry cleaning.

    For plain one colour design you can give them a gentle wash in warm water, note the colour may run and it could shrink slightly if its not been cleaned before. Do not wring out just give a gentle squeeze and hang to drip dry over a bucket (not in the sun).

    You can iron but avoid ironing on foil thread/decorative detail, use a cool iron and do not use steam, if you get water drips on it they will leave a water mark and the only way to remove is by washing.

    When in doubt always Dry clean.