Japanese silk obiage which is traditionally used with the Obi belt to help support the bow and hide the ties under the obi. Another use for them is as a normal scarf as they are so beautiful and silky and are ideal for any occasion and make a lovely gift for someone special.

Condition: Very good condition - Used

Colour: Mainly blue with white circle areas and silver metallic thread.

Threads: Silk and metallic thread

Design: Cherry blossom flowing in the wind, with pale white clouds and slightly larger flowers in silver metallic thread to add a little sparkle. This scarf is one sided only, the back has the tied off threads from the metallic thread flowers, this is quite common with detail that has been added possible by hand  - see last photo for example.

Age: Unknown.

Origin: Japan.
Care: Dry clean.

Approx size:
: 175 cm
Width: 29-30 cm
Weight: 50 g

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Thank you!

Obiage - Scarf - Japanese Accessories - 175 x 29-30cm - Blue, white, silver

  • Obiage come in different designs some with embroidery detail and some hand painted, so how you look after them can vary. I would recomend Dry cleaning.

    For plain one colour design you can give them a gentle wash in warm water, note the colour may run and it could shrink slightly if its not been cleaned before. Do not wring out just give a gentle squeeze and hang to drip dry over a bucket (not in the sun).

    You can iron but avoid ironing on foil thread/decorative detail, use a cool iron and do not use steam, if you get water drips on it they will leave a water mark and the only way to remove is by washing.

    When in doubt always Dry clean.