Japanese silk obijime cord which is used to tie around the obi on a kimono.
Can be used as obijime/belt or for craft/sewing projects like handbag handles, bracelets, straps and keyrings.

Condition: Not used -  Very good condition seems to not have been used, tassels a little untidy due to covers being removed.

Colour: Blue grey and brownie pink.

Threads: Silk.

Design: Brown one side blue the other and both sides have pattern detail in two places in opposite collours. Not sure what the pattern is in the detail sections possible flowers.

Age: Unknown.

Origin: Japan.

Approx size:
: 159 cm (include tassels)
Width: 1.6 cm
Tassels: 5 cm
Weight: 40 g

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Thank you!

Obijime - Belt - Japanese accessories - 159 x 1.6 cm - Blue and Pink