Countdown to Christmas

Not had much chance to write any blogs in the last few months as been busy sewing and creating new things for both websites. This can be quite challenging at times especially as everything is exclusive so I have to make sure I don't repeat anything, not only that I have to keep a good amount of stock for both sites..... as I said challenging!

I often wonder when I am beavering away in my craft-room, are people really going to like my creations let alone buy them, so its nice when I receive feedback from satisfied customers.

Sunday 15 November I had a Jasuin party in Whitstable in Kent and am pleased to say it was a big hit and received lots of feedback not to mention lots of sales. Must not forget that we also managed to raise £50.00 for my charities in the process.......................Big thank you to you all!

I am planning another Jasuin party in London probably on Sunday 6 December if you are interested please go to my jasuin facebook page at

I will put information about it in the week.

Managed to take a photo yesterday, it was so nice to see all my creations out on display............ before the rush :)

Think I will take it easy today then back to it tomorrow.

Happy shopping to you all this Christmas!

Jayne x

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