Sale Extended

Sorry its been a while since my last blog..... gosh that sounds like a confession.

Christmas was hectic as I seemed to leave all my personal preparations to the last minute. Then before I new it 2016 had arrived. As customary I set up the website with the usual January sale and had everything with 20% off.

If you are one of my Facebook Jasuin fans you will know that I had to have an operation in January so its meant that I have not been able to work on any new items for the website, plus tidy my work room which frankly I have not been in there since boxing day as it looks like a bomb has it it.

Any I am now on the mend just doing a little more each day so hopefully I can tackle the bombsite next week then start creating some more items for the website soon especially as Mothers day is in March and would like to have some new items which would make lovely gifts for that special Mum.

As there are no new items at the moment I have decided to extend the sale for another couple of weeks so make the most of 20% off it won't last forever :)

Jayne x

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