Not a lover of changes reminds me of work when everything in the garden is rosy then management start changing things not always for the better, or you get a new car which you are pleased with but it just doesn't feel like your old one yet. Yes I am speaking from experience again!

Anyway my changes are for the good (hope you think so). I am closing the online shop on my website which sounds worse than it is but honest its not. Over the past year I have had to split all my stock over the Jasuin website and the Etsy online shop but feel it would be much easier to have everything in one place ..... for me and you the customer. So I have moved everything to my Etsy online shop so you can shop till you drop knowing you are looking at all my stock and not just some of it.

The reason I moved it to the Etsy shop is because I get most of my orders from there I guess it gets a wider audience so it made sense to use that shop. My website will have all the links to the Etsy shop and will showcase all new items and gift ideas.

I am going to put pieces together that complement each other as gift ideas so watch out for that in the next few weeks.

In a previous blog I mentioned about hiring shelf space at Things British in Greenwich market, well I am still there or should I say my items are and seem to be selling which is good this means I will probably continue there until the end of the year and see how it has gone.

I have some lovely new bangles which will be in stock soon and more new items for the man in your life especially with fathers day in June. Also check out the new pocket tissue holders, they came out really well think I will make a couple or more for myself have to make sure they coordinate with my bags :)

Well must get back to the website and finish updating. Enjoy the bank holidays this month.

Jayne x

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