In or Out!

Hello all........... actually come to think of it I could just be blogging to myself, I know I am not the best blogger in the world but not sure if anyone is reading this, lets hope you are out there and engaged in my every word (just like my other half when he is watching the telly...not! love you Foxy!)

Well were was I oh yes been busy last week putting together the next collection which is in honour of the big EU in or out vote coming up. I thought I would go with Red, White and Blue for my collection and must stay I enjoyed putting it together more than I have with all the rubbish that has been out there regarding this vote.


My goodness such a lot of things I didn't know about the EU has certainly made me really think about my vote. The way they waste money which they admit but say they can't do anything about, well that is plan stupid. Also the way they vote I don't agree with as I think each country is entitled to a single vote. Then when heads of EU start threatening us with what may happen if we vote out, well that is just blackmail and frankly they should know better - It will only be harder for us if you make it harder. As for the government anything they say I wouldn't believe as they have their own agenda. This is a big thing and I know for the advantages of being able to travel and share the same rules but everyone travels the world now is it that hard, not to mention when we joined the EU life was different and we now have internet shopping all around the world. Personally I think we need to worry more about our governments and shouldn't there be more rules for them to abide to, they see to spend more time dishing out dirt on each other than running the country. There isn't anyone I would vote for next time round.

and breath:)

Ok were was I ah yes new collection red white and blue with the usual items Keyrings, cufflinks, tissue holders, glasses pouch etc. I decided that this collection is only available at the Things British Shop in Greenwich Market London as its in the British colours and looks really nice on display.

I will have some new items online next week and one of them would make an ideal gift for Fathers Day so watch this space.

Enjoy the rest of the week

Jayne x

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