New Items at the Handmade Fair

Its been a busy couple of weeks and I'm sure its going to continue right up to the Handmade Fair in September. I am making good progress on putting together new stock for the event but have had to play a stint at being Nurse for my partner who had an operation. He is on the mend now and back to work next week........... Horrah! I shouldn't say that really but I don't get as much done when he is around.

Anyway I have a long list of all the things I want to take to the Fair and at last starting to tick some things off as done. There are new items which I will showcase at the Fair then after that I will add the new lines to my website/Etsy. I have taken some pictures so hope you like what you see.

Also I have an update on my stand number at the event as it has been changed to E23.

Will update you with more pictures next time. Jayne x

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