Hemline Snag Repear Needle: This tool is a must have for preserving the condition of your clothes and repearing vintage fabrics. Its like a needle but instead of a hole for the thread half of it is corse and rough for catching thread/wool and pulling it to the back of the fabric.


It is for repearing snags on your cloths when the thread becomes loose, you just put the needle where the loose thread comes out and pull it through. When the rough section of the needle gets to the hole it starts to pull through the loose thread and takes it to the back of the fabric. A gentle approach is needed for fine fabric and don't worry if you have to repeat a few times.

You can also use it to put thread through that is too short for a needle to finish some stitching, you know when you are running out of thread its so short the needle can't quite reach the hole and you don't want to cut more just for one or two stitches.


I will add a picture for an example next week to make it clearer on snag repear.

Personally I use one all the time for repearing obi sash, obijimes, obiage scarfs and kimono fabric not to forget my own clothes jumpers etc. My step mother bought me two over 20 years ago, I lost one but the other I still use today.


Hope you find this a great addition to your sewing tools.


Hemline - Snag Repear Needle - Fabric Repair Tool

SKU: HAB0015