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Things you should know about my products.
  • Japanese 20th century silk kimono and obi fabric is used to create the exclusive items in the Jasuin range. The main fabric will always be silk however for some items the lining maybe vintage - silk, cotton or wool.


  • No two items are the same most are one of a kind (except pairs of items like cufflinks cushions or wall hangings).


  • Silk Kimono fabric is quite lighter compared to Obi fabric this makes a difference to the shape and feel of an item. 


  • Obi fabric has more of a luxurious wovern appearance which makes them firmer due to thickness of the weave and often have metallic threads which contribute to their luxurious appearance. This type of fabric can be more expensive compared to the kimono fabric so that will have an effect on the price of the item.


  • On some occasions there may be a small imperfection which is to be expected with the age of these garments. However the best parts of the fabric are used, to give you a good quality item.


  • These items are not washable but can be ironed with care. NOTE: do not use a steam setting as the water may shrink or leave watermarks on the silk fabric, also (if applicable) avoid any metallic or accessories like beads when ironing as this could damage them or mark your iron. Please consult professional dry cleaners for advice as these are  vintage silk fabrics and I cannot guarantee they will survive conventional cleaning. 



These are lovely fabrics which just need a new lease of life.

“I hope you enjoy my exclusive one of a kind items,
a little piece ofJapanese history crafted especially for you!”


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